Our Story

Kyle Foshee, President and Founder of Provisioned Ministries, grew up in borderline poverty.  He experienced both of his parents (divorced) separately in a lot of pain; only later did he realize that their pain had a lot to do with money.  Kyle was 26 before he landed a job that paid him well, and he went through a whole year of marriage unable to provide for his wife the way he thought he should. Eventually, graced with better income and by making wise behavioral decisions, he and his wife found themselves in a good spot.  But he knows the pain that goes along with financial trouble. He dealt with it for most of his life.

In November of 2015, Kyle sat down with his mom to go over her finances.  He was slightly aware of her financial trouble but not to a great extent.  They went through it all line by line, and Kyle discovered that she had more bills and debt than income. Christmas was also coming up so her credit card was taking care of all of it.  She was in a season of hopelessness.

Kyle experienced a new pain.  It broke his heart to see his mother in such a situation after so many years.  She has a good job that really pays her well considering her low standard of living, but she was still stuck in a rut that she believed she could not get out of.

Kyle and his wife, Anna, decided that they were going to help.  They figured up a plan for Kyle’s mom to put into place, monitoring her spending, eliminating certain things she did not need to be spending on for a while, etc.  On top of that, they started to pay towards her credit card, as well as assist her with her car insurance.

It was not a quick process, but Kyle’s mom is now in a position to where she can give more, save more, and do more.  There is hope now.

As they were walking through this process, Kyle was beginning to realize that his mother’s situation was nowhere near a singular event.  It was and is a prevalent issue; it’s everywhere. Statistics show that 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. That means there are millions of people in the US that have either no savings, no plan, or no hope.

Through that realization, God did a work in Kyle.  In January of 2017, he participated in a church-wide fast, 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting.  Kyle went all in, abstaining from food for a full twenty-one days.

But during that fasting time, he didn’t get a vision, he didn’t hear God’s audible voice, he didn’t have a dream or anything fancy and worthy of drawing a picture of.  But he did have a thought… a “what if?” thought. And we believe God put that thought in him.

“What if… what Kyle did for his mom could be done on a nation-wide scale?  What if there was a way to mentor, coach, walk with people through their financial disasters?  What if there was a way to empower brothers and sisters to be free from the bonds of debt and to use their freedom to better spread Jesus’s love across Birmingham, across Alabama, across America, across the world?”

Kyle was so excited, he couldn’t sleep.  And that’s the night Provisioned Ministries came to be.