Need as defined by Provisioned Ministries does not apply only to low-income individuals.  We have found that many middle (and even upper) class income families have found themselves in financial crises and are seeking a way out.

Therefore, at Provisioned Ministries, we offer services to low and high-income families alike.

COACHING:  We will meet with any family or individual, regardless of their financial situations, and help them to discover habits and patterns that are detrimental to their financial well-being.  We will “coach” them through formulating a plan, initiating that plan, and walking through the necessary steps to make that plan's end come to fruition.  We will help them work through any financial hardship they find themselves in by praying with them and focusing on God's word as a reference to how money was intended to be handled. All at NO COST TO YOU!

AREAS OF EXPERTISE:  We offer guidance and counsel through financial hardships such as bankruptcies, foreclosures, debts of any kind, mortgages, problems with collectors, insurance, estate planning, investments, and any unique problem that may occur in your household.